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We're humbled by the heartfelt messages we receive from the families we've served. These messages aren't just kind words—they're real stories that show our dedication to providing support when it's needed most. They offer a genuine insight into what we strive for—making a difficult time a little bit easier.


Hear from the families we've served

“They do a great job here. Long time Columbia funeral home. Very nice inside and out.”

Author: Greg M rated with 5 stars

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Heartfelt Reviews

The Leesman Funeral Homes difference

“This funeral home did a fantastic job on my Great Grandfather's Funeral. I have never been to a funeral where they basically had his life story through pictures for people to keep. You kept it classy and to the point. You made this very hard day a little easier.”

Author:Brandi Brown rated with 5 stars of 5

“They have always been the most polities and friendly people I have had the pleasure to work with in the worst time in my life.”

Author:Lorene Lord rated with 5 stars of 5

“I cannot believe the care and patience we received from Leesman while planning my dad’s funeral. They took care of every detail for us, from communicating with the funeral home in Texas who picked up his body to staying in contact with the airlines to receive his body when it was transported here, to providing the best obituary, pamphlet, and other printed paraphernalia with my dad’s pictures. The funeral was very personal and my dad would have been humbled by how well he was honored. Leesman is the literal best in the business!”

Author:Micah Erzinger rated with 5 stars of 5

“They greet you with warmth and concern. They go out of their way to meet all of the family's needs. When it comes to making the final arrangements. Bruce takes his time and goes over every detail with you. He also helps show you away to defray the cost as much as possible.”

Author:Kim Ownby rated with 5 stars of 5

“Many thanks for a very informative seminar about planning for the end of life. Wish I had known some of these things when caring for Pop. You have helped me on many end of life occasions with dignity and respect ...... Even at 1 am! Very grateful for your help and the information and lunch. I will see you soon....... Alive !!!!!!!Marlene Kolbe”

Author:Marlene Kolbe rated with 5 stars of 5

“Nothing is easy when you have a family member expire but I can say the support given from the funeral home in Dupo is so important at this time in your life. Every question is answered and they walk thru this with you and the whole family. If you can make your arrangements ahead of time it helps so much. Thank you for making this time easier and after they are still there for and all questions and helping with all the paper work..”

Author:Edward Scott rated with 5 stars of 5
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Pre-planning lets your loved ones focus on honoring life instead of hashing out details. Learn the choices you can make now, so a future funeral becomes more of a celebration than a burden.